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Electronic Data Discovery

Crucial evidence may not only lie in hard copy documents, it may be hidden among the thousand of email messages, spreadsheets, or word processing documents generated as part of day-to-day business. This is where electronic discovery becomes a necessity. Attorneys today are faced with a new world of discoverable information - email messages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and other computer files produced, created and stored electronically. As a result, courts have increasingly recognized the importance of electronic discovery - the collection, processing, review and production of electronic documents - for resolution of important investigations and litigation matters.

The last few years have seen a dramatic explosion in electronic information exchange. Over 99% of all documents are created and stored electronically. E-mail, spreadsheets, word processing documents, voice mail messages, and databases are just a few examples of the types of files that could have bearing on the outcome of a case. These documents may exist on corporate e-mail servers, network servers, backup tapes, home computers, or PDAs. As a result, the discovery and production of such documents poses a huge challenge to legal teams. Electronic-Data Discovery Company has developed cost effective processes to review large volumes of data in their native format, eliminating the expense of converting the irrelevant data.

Today attorneys find themselves deluged with new volumes of discoverable information, all electronically created and stored. Beyond paper files pertinent to a case, now e-mail messages, computer files, spreadsheets, word processing documents and all attachments must be considered when preparing for a case. At times multiple hard drives must be retrieved and searched.

Due to the volume of electronic information, the courts have recognized how critical electronic discovery is to successfully navigating through a case. From collecting and reviewing data through electronic document production, effective management of your electronic information is critical to any Firm's success moving forward. Your goal is to win. Our goal is to help you to do just that.

The discovery of electronic documents is a highly-important, emerging trend in litigation. While the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and parallel state rules have long included electronic files in their definitions of "documents" subject to discovery, discovery of such e-documents has become evermore significant as businesses increasingly utilize e-documents and e-mail in their activities. Several high-profile, headline-grabbing cases have shown that e-documents, and the e-discovery process, can have a significant impact on the course and outcome of litigation.

The process of converting electronic documents (application files) and e-mail into a standard graphical file format (PDF or TIFF), for easy viewing or printing to paper, and extracting all of the text for full-text searching. The images and text data can then be imported into any of the standard litigation support software packages or repositories, for use in discovery.

Our Electronic-Data Discovery is manned by industry experts with backgrounds in database management, electronic discovery, and litigation support. They include Project Managers expert in collection, validation, exception identification, EDD, data hosting, scanning and coding.

If you are looking for an outsource EDD partner or assistance with overflow work Electronic- Data Discovery can assist with your large complex Electronic Data Discovery projects. We can assist in the conversion of emails, attachments and electronic files. Electronic- Data Discovery will provide the images and text along with load files for all the major litigation support applications. Electronic- Data Discovery has developed powerful electronic discovery production tools.

The range of legal processes that have been effectively outsourced by large law firms in the US and UK include legal transcription, database creation and maintenance, scanning and indexing evidence, document coding, document review and annotation, document processing and management, creation of forms and precedents, document drafting, legal research and patent drafting. The majority of outsourced work is in the areas of complex litigation, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, patents and compliance.